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The Sun and the Stones


This video is an extract taken from Cassandra, a film Anja and I made last year for KerstenWoods Productions.   This sequence is beautiful and I thought it could be a stand alone piece in its own right.   This section is called, The Sun and the Stones, and is a joyful celebration of the mid-Summer sun rising above the circle of stones at Boscawen-un.  It will form the inspiration for the Summer Solstice festivity in our new series of Earth Goddess films charting the cycle of the year.  Some of the raw footage will be re-edited, together with new material and a brand new soundtrack to explore the theme of the The Earth Goddess at the height of her Serpent powers, nourished by the energy of the sun at it’s zenith in the sky.

(The full version of Cassandra is available on DVD from KerstenWoods Productions)


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The Thin Veil

Welcome to a new project that Anja and I have hatched with a new working title, Earth Goddess, for which I have created a new category for this blog.   This project has actually been brewing for more than a couple of years and now gathering momentum as Anja and I discover a growing area of interest that is captivating to both of us: the boundary that exists between this world and the next.

The subject of transitions between realities will form the thread of glue that runs throughout the project and specifically deals with the veil, – sometimes opaque, at other times transparent – that exists between two different dimensions: this earthly, physical reality and the ethereal, ‘other’ world, inhabited by the spirits of our ancestors and the collective wisdom of the universe.   A realm beyond our own familiar world where we can feel, see, hear and even touch realities in other dimensions.  This world is timeless and infinite and cannot be measured (as far as I am aware) by normal scientific means.

Into this world of expanded consciousness an archeatypical figure from the past is brought into sharp focus: The Earth Goddess who represents the spirit of the land (played by Anja and filmed by me), a go-between, sacred figure of Pagan or even earlier origin.  We plan to bring her back to life to find out what she represents for us in a modern context.  In our project, she forms the central character in a series of short films that focus on the ancient pattern of ritual celebration and a belief system that intimately connected our ancestors to the cycle of seasonal changes.  A belief that the earth is imbued with a living spirit in which the yearly wheel perfectly mirrored the human cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  (Think Mandala!)

The Earth Goddess, therefore, is the embodiment of the Sacred Mother who possesses abstract powers of love, beauty, promiscuity, and even death.  The most potent aspect of Mother Earth though, is her ability to give birth to new life and thus regenerates and sustains all living creatures.  These are the very themes we will be exploring in our films.

The attached images are stills from a short film (the first of three) that I made with Anja for another project called Anastasia, in response to a project we were working on with Ghost Writer (Spiritual Medium, Angie Kruger; Joe Kruger; and Leona Coombe) and sound engineer and performer, Jordan Jackson.  (I have posted it onto our KerstenWoods Productions blog if you would like to see it.).  Some of the raw footage will be re-mixed, given a different soundtrack and a new title, to celebrate the Celtic festival of Samhain, on 1st November (more commonly known as Halloween), which is a traditional time of year when the boundaries between the spirit world and the physical world are very close.  It is the time when the Earth Mother begins her retreat into the depths of the underworld and the land becomes dormant.

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