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Poster Mania

As promised!  Just a very small selection of my new posters.  I’m interested how a few choice words coupled with an image can have such an impact.  I can envisage many situations where these posters could be used: exhibitions, headings for poems, chapter headings, to name just a few.  I could see an entire exhibition based around these posters.

Of course, I could do a lot more with these ideas in Adobe Indesign, but as Apps go, it is a fun and quick way to ‘mock’ up a whole train of thought.  My ‘poster’ image file is already bulging at the seams……..


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Summer(?) Solstice

June is nearly over and ‘flaming’ it ‘aint!  Hey ho, we celebrate the Summer Solstice all the same.  This year we joined Angie and friends for a mini fest of music and song.  Using a couple of the pictures I took on the evening, I have made these posters to mark the event.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed my poster-making is becoming a bit of a habit.  Ever since I found this new App, Phoster, I have been hooked.  There is nothing too light-hearted or too serious that goes under the radar of my poster tool, even creating a ‘poster’ section within my ‘Design’ category.  (Be prepared for more to come!).

This Phoster App, however, is seriously limited in what you can do with it and can be extremely frustrating at times.  For instance, if you don’t save a copy you lose it rather than be able to go back a few steps to undo stuff.  There is not a very wide selection of templates and there are no colour choices available except for text, to name but a few.  Also, some of the text is so small I can’t even read it on my phone.  I try to be as inventive as I can to overcome these minor irritations!

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Stocking Fillers

Talking of design reminds me of the last bit of design work I did recently for our DVD cover.  The picture of Anja and I was taken by David whilst we were out filming one day on the cliffs.  I liked the design of the template for a DVD disc and decided to incorporate the idea into the design.  The cover picture I used is a still from the film.  Most of it was put together using Adobe Illustrator as I wanted a Vector programme.

It occurs to me that this DVD would make an excellent stocking filler for someone looking for something completely different and locally produced…..there are copies currently for sale at Mounts Bay Contemporary Gallery in Penzance, or on-line if you follow the links via our KerstenWoods website.

Paintings also make excellent presents.  A couple of our German friends from our B&B days popped in recently and bought some paintings for their new home as a Christmas present to themselves.  It is so nice to think of my work going to good homes.  And I happily bartered a drawing of  whippets recently in exchange for some legal advice.  The drawing is now mounted, framed, wrapped with festive paper and sitting under the Christmas tree waiting to surprise his girlfriend.

Just some thoughts!

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One Hundred Posts!

One hundred posts to date!  Not that I’m counting, it’s just that WordPress told me after my last post.  Meanwhile Anja asked me to design a new business card for her.  After some deliberations it boils down to a choice between these two, using these lovely photos that Tony Brown took.  One more colourful and up beat, the other more meditative with Anja in her sexy, sultry mode in black and white.  I think the ‘RED’ version works best for her as a business card.

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