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Squaring the Circle

Mandalas made by Crop Circlemakers

It has just been reported today on the news that 50% of the British population do not understand basic maths!  I am the first to admit I am not brilliant when it comes to sums, but I can do simple decimal points, fractions, percentages etc.  In fact most of my maths is calculated in my head as ‘approximate’ figures which when worked out the ‘correct’ way turn out to be pretty damn close.  I have even been known to dream sums, and on waking find out they are correct, even though I had not worked it out in my dream.  Now where is that coming from?

As Carol Vaudeman says, maths is not just a subject but a language which penetrates nearly every aspect of our daily lives.  You cannot fully understand the harmonics of music, for instance, the intricacies of light or sound, any of the modern sciences or technology without it.   As I am discovering with my crop circle research, ancient geometry and the understanding of universal glyph signals, contain many layers of symbolic meaning and goes to the very root of our understanding of the universe.  Some of the major Philosophers have also been the greatest mathematicians, such as the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, who have all  been concerned with the mysteries of the universe and our place in the bigger scheme of things, attempting to explain it with scientific calculations and formulae.

I certainly may not be able to explain it all in mathematical terms, but I can appreciate the beauty of the geometry and do know that there are many more dimensions that we are not able to fully explain just yet at this moment in our evolution.  However, I do feel that time for understanding is getting very close indeed, and in the meantime, we still some beautiful imagery to enjoy.

full spectrum spirograph

Mandala of Squares



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Hexagonal Biscuits!

biscuits posing as quilt shapes

Is it not strange that when you concentrate your attention on something for long enough, suddenly you discover things around you that intimately relate to the very focus of your attention?  Then you begin to wonder if there is anything else going on in these so-called, ‘co-incidences’.

Take the quilt I am making for my grandchild-to-be.  I did not make a conscious decision to make it out of a grid system based on a hexagonal pattern.  It was just that this shape was the one that presented itself to me when I began to think about it and seemed like a good one to get going with.  I bought a packet of biscuits the other day (Miller’s Damsels, Three Seeds), not realising that these thin wafers were not only hexagonal in shape but they are also EXACTLY the same size as the hexagonal template shapes for my quilt ‘stars’.  The picture on the packet showed a round biscuit so there was no external hint that these artisan wafers were hexagonal.  It begs the question, why would anyone make six-sided biscuits?  Then, when you think about it, it makes perfect economic sense to make hexagonal biscuits as opposed to the more usual round ones as there is less wastage, like the cells of a honey comb, they all fit together perfectly.  Food imitating nature?

By this stage, I had this nagging intuition that there was a message for me here somewhere, and started to explore the meanings associated with the number 6.  So I decided to meditated on it and immediately found my mother chuckling into my left ear, (my right lug-hole being occupied with the cat sitting on my right shoulder and purring loudly), and uttering the words, “packet of fags!”  Of course, Player’s Number 6 for all of you who might remember as far back as those bad old days when everyone smoked…my father sometimes smoked these, as I think they were standard Naval rations at the time.  Thanks Ma!

The other thing that kept surfacing in my mind was the forthcoming birth of my grandchild.   Baby Carter is due in June.  Now would it not be extraordinary if the baby arrived on the 6th day of the 6th month? (add these two numbers and you get the year).  It would be following a line of family tradition and be the sandwich between my mother who was born on the 5th day of the 5th month, and my daughter (the mother-to-be) who was born on the 7th day of the 7th month.  (I am the odd one out being born on the 19th day of the 12th month which doesn’t fit in anywhere!).

All this just happens to conveniently coincide with a fascinating book about crop circles that I am reading at the moment.  This book, ‘Secrets in the Fields – The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles‘ by Freddy Silva, is truly mind-blowing and has been recommended to me by two different individuals in the last few weeks.   It explores many aspects of sacred geometry inherent in crop circles in which the hexagon plays a very significant part, being the natural division of the circle into six parts.  It also contains the symbol for the Seal of Soloman (‘As above, So below’, etc) which contains two triangles, one pointing to the heavens and one pointing to the earth……and …. oh! too much.  This will have to wait until my next post!

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