Subjects suitable for commissions:

  • Dogs and Horses;
  • Book Jacket, Catalogue Covers, CD’s, Mugs;
  • Posters, Business Cards, Post Cards;
  • ‘Memory’ Pieces & ‘Special Places’ Landscapes.
Scroll down to find examples of any of the above. In reality, any subject might be considered. All the images on this website are the artist’s own work (unless otherwise stated) and have been gathered from the extensive media library from previous blog posts here on this website. (Many more recent drawings and art works can be found on my Instagram feed, @carowoodspilgrim)

Caro Woods commissions are available for ‘one-off’ works in the following sizes and media.

£250 for a small working sketch on paper (usually from a choice of several)

£450 for a pencil, charcoal, pastel or pen drawing on paper up to A2 (16.5 x 23.4 in)

£650 for a pencil, charcoal, pastel or pen drawing on paper up to AO (33.1 x 46.8 in)

£850 for a painting (any medium on paper, primed card, board or canvass) up to 12 x 16″

£950 for a painting (any medium on paper, primed card, board or canvass) up to 18 x 24″

£1300 for a painting ( ” ) up to 36 x 48″

£1600 for a painting ( ” ) up to 48 x 60″

£2000 for a painting ( ” ) up to 60 x 60″

Please use form below to contact me with any enquiries

Dogs and Horses:

Tommy Rolling, pencil on card
Sarah’s Horse, Life size charcoal and acrylic painted sketch on paper.

small pencil and pen sketches

Mac Memory Board 1, mixed media collage (fabrics, pastels, digital images on paper) 28 x 34″ framed
Mac Memory Board 2, mixed media collage (fabrics, pastels, digital images on paper) 28 x 34″ framed

Playful Shadows, digital image

Book Jacket, Catalogue Covers, CD and Mugs:

‘Deep Blue’, mixed media collage (tissue paper, acrylic and pastels)
Soapy Opera’. University of East Anglia, Creative Writing student year book collection of poetry

Yellow Dot Cloth, oil on card, 20cm x 18cm Catalogue cover for Book Fair
Travelling ‘Book of Peace‘ quotes for ‘The White Horses Ride’, 2017

Posters, Business Cards and Post Cards:

Business Cards

100 business cards, no two images the same!

5 images, same details.

Greetings Cards, and PCs

Sea Lemons, mixed media, 54cm x 76cm. Private View Card for ‘Shore Lines’ Exhibition, 1996.

‘Memory’ Pieces & ‘Special Places’ Landscapes:

Mini-pilgrimage to St. Michael’s Church, Brent Tor, Devon. A Walk & Draw, pencil on pocket-sized sketchbook pages.

Over the years, I have experienced moments of epiphany that have altered the course of my life.  The triggers are usually quite mundane: it could be hearing a piece of music, a chance encounter with a stranger or a beam of light shining on an object, but they are always accompanied by a sort of ‘light-bulb’ moment and the feeling that this revelation is some sort of momentous rite of passage.

I relish the challenge of finding ways to illustrate these special moments for other people. They are the moments where all your senses are on high alert: sights, sounds, touch and smell, working in harmony to make your heart sing.  They are often so evocative and poignant that they leave you feeling utterly joyful. Sometimes you may want to record these moments and know that a photograph is simply not enough to evoke the memory of the magic. Until now, you may not have known quite how to go about doing this.

I look forward to being invited to share with you your own recollections of your unique special moment in time, or create new pilgrimages to places that have special meanings for you. And if you decide to commission me, extremely privileged to record it for posterity in the form of a creative artwork, either as a lasting gift for yourself or your nearest and dearest.  

If you would like to make further enquiries, or just to chat,  please feel free to fill in the form below. I would be very happy to discuss the process and answer any of your concerns or questions about commissioning your own, unique ‘Special Places’ art work.

Below are some examples of my work (taken from posts on this blog) to get your creative juices flowing and give you an idea of some of the things that could be considered for such a commission. It might include a guided chakra walk to a special place as part of the experience (see my ‘chakra walk to the Mount’ in Recent Projects). Or it might simply be a painting or a monotype of a favourite landscape / view / memory of a first visit / etc. Or it could be the visual story of your own pilgrimage.

Bodrifty Walk, (ancient village, West Penwith, Cornwall), pencil on paper.

monotype of sacred stones

Objets Troués‘ Series: Dolmen Footprints (exhibited in the Jersey’s Heritage show, 1997)

  • Le Couperon de Rozel, Jersey, CI. (27th January, 1997) mixed media on card, 80 cm x 90 cm
paint, pencil and paper; line drawings of pottery vessels in the museum at La Hougue Bie; stone (Rozel Conglomerate) rubbings with chalk; song sheet of bird song; extract of vintage map setting; chicken bone and charcoal from camp fire; contact views of dolmen from different angles; vintage Post Card, to Cissie from Anne, “Yesterday we went to Sark. The colours of the sea are wonderful blues and greens”; assorted pieces of discarded plastic and pieces of beach-blasted glass found on the beach below; segment of broken orange roof tile from the small building next to the dolmen; print from a negative slide of the dolmen; fragments of dental plaster taken from artist’s model of stones, ‘Tomb Stones’.
  • La Pouquelaye de Faldouet, Jersey, CI. mixed media on card, 80 cm x 90 cm.
pencil, paint and paper; colour notes of stones (Jersey pink Granite); copy of extract from William Prynne’s meditations (‘Rockes, Seas, Gardens’) whilst incarcerated in Mont Orgueil Castle in 1641; detail of geological map surrounding dolmen; negative print of dolmen and contact area views; fragments of dental plaster taken from artist’s model of stones, ‘Tomb Stones’.

concertina ‘book’ of moments along a walk
Screen Shot of Song Lines, etching used for the front piece on a page about ‘the art of pilgrimage’ on my Elemental Energies website

drawings from a series on Ancient Cornish Landscapes, mixed media on paper

Frontal piece in an ‘artist’ book about the St. Michael Way
one of the page spreads on display in the Picture Room, Newlyn Gallery.

Sacred Tree, digital image

Cross-country section of a pilgrimage, digital image

watercolour drawing of coastal path, one of a series of ‘en plein air’ excursions

Footprint. A personal trace of self. Digital image.

© Caro Woods, 2022

The Commission Process

As an artist, I welcome client led projects and relish the opportunity of working with individuals to realise their creative dreams. Let me know what you are thinking about and if it’s possible, we can arrange to meet to discuss the project in more detail.

By their very nature, the ‘sacred landscape’ and ‘special memory’ works are more complex and usually involve a mixture of different media. They might – as a starting point – comprise a collection of drawings, recording moments of a meeting at a ‘sacred’ place, for example, the walk to it and thoughts that may arise from spending time in the chosen space. It might be the recording of a special gathering or a commemoration of a special occasion or anniversary.

The finished piece might simply be a one-off drawing of a favoured pet. Or it could be as diverse as a painting of a sacred landscape, a digital record of a commemorative flight in a hot air balloon, or it might involve a grid that sums up your thoughts and feelings. It might be accompanied by a small book of accumulated material. The publication could be reproduced as gifts for friends and family to commemorate the occasion.

Prices are negotiable for large, mixed media ‘memory’  or ‘sacred landscape’ works, (including digital media) and is dependent on the complexity of the subject. As you can appreciate, these kind of works take time and consideration and culminate in a unique piece of original artwork. Please allow at least 4 – 6 months for these special works (if you are thinking about a birthday present, for example).

Once a format has been established and an initial contract signed, a 30% deposit of the full price is requested to carry out preliminary studies. Travel expenses might also have to be considered if the artist needs to travel beyond a 10 mile radius of her home. (Currently 45p per mile, HMRC Gov.UK)

Of course, the whole process starts with an idea of what you would like to commission. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements, by filling in the form below with any initial queries you may have. Or call me on 077135 92935. That first communication is all part of the important process that evolves up to a final outcome. It is a fluid, uniquely creative collaboration in its own right.

Terms and Conditions:  You, as the client, have first refusal on any original art work carried out on your behalf. However, the artist retains copyright over all art work produced and has the right to reproduce images in other publications, etc., or her own publicity material.