IMG_2909 CARO WOODS Welcome and thanks for dropping in! The Artist as Pilgrim (formerly known as ‘my sketchbook pages’) shows some of the arty things I am thinking about or doing in my life here in West Cornwall, as well as a quest for creative answers to some of our more challenging questions that crop up in our lives from time to time.  The Pilgrimage is my creative journey to find a new aesthetic.  This blog explores that journey.  I write it for my own sake, for my own keeping.  If you enjoy my words and pictures, then I am happy to have been able to share them with you. As Philip Carr-Gomm says in his weblog ‘Just as the spiritual path can be characterised as the ongoing attempt to both remember yourself and forget yourself, so blogging can be seen as a challenge to both be more personal, more open, more sharing of the riches of a life and at the same time to take yourself less seriously, to let go of the concern about what other people might think about you, and to reveal rather than conceal your curiosity and amazement at the often crazy world you find yourself in‘. As an artist, I come from a Fine Art background, gaining a Masters in Contemporary Visual Practice from Falmouth College of Art in 2003.  My work is informed by my response to the environment.  I collect information from direct observation and felt responses and layer these with additional information gleaned from a variety of sources.  I am interested in bodies of knowledge and historical references concerning the landscape, often using scientific methodologies to explore aesthetic possibilities.  Sometimes the work is fully formed, more often it is very sketchy.  It is what this blog is all about.  It’s about being brave enough to expose these processes which usually goes on behind closed studio doors.

My particular interest in spirituality has meant that my work has developed into a walking practice that follows a secular journey along a personal spiritual path.  The paths we follow are loaded with metaphors for life.  This has made me more aware of the signs and signals that the landscape presents to me in terms of symbolic references and meanings and has become a core part of my practice.

Begun in November, 2010, as a pledge to myself, once committed to the blogosphere there is no turning back, no escape, no more delaying tactics, and no excuses.   All the words, artwork, iPhone drawings, photos and videos in this blog are my own, except where stated otherwise.  I really hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy creating my contribution to the cyber waves.  My intention is to post at least one thought, word or deed per week, but obviously it is not an exact science. Other links:

You are more than welcome to reproduce any of my words or images, but I would really appreciate it if you would kindly ask permission to do so first.  Thank you.   All content © Copyright 2014 by Caro Woods.


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  1. Jane

    Caro, I am delighted to have found your blog and have so enjoyed reading your archive posts. Look forward to the next instalment! Jane

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  2. Wonderful spirit in your intentions – I wish you well!

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    • Thank you so much bussokuseki!
      Being true to yourself is often the hardest thing to do. It is a refinement that I am constantly practicing. Thank you for your good wishes. x


  3. So pleased to have found you Caro – gutted that I missed that film workshop – I’m in the first year of a 3 year part time MA contemporary art practice at Plymouth Uni – best Rosie

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    • Don’t worry Rosie, there are sure to be many more to come – by popular demand! I expect you have already signed up to their newsletters? What about suggesting they run a workshop as part of your MA and invite James? (Although, I know certain uni’s are averse to ‘older’ technologies). Anyway, enjoy your studies. Caro


  4. Hi Caro, thank you for leaving your spider blog post reference in your comment. I read your ABOUT face and very much like and agree with your approach to life and spirituality. Our paths are indeed lined with all kinds of symbols and metaphors and all we need to do is tune in and gather what we need to know. I need to follow you.


  5. This is really a beautiful concept!

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  6. what a wonderful, inspiring blog.
    Many congratulations
    Alastair Best (stuck in Jersey)

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  7. Caro
    do you have a website of finished paintings, drawings &tc?
    I’d love to see more of/buy some of your lovely mono prints.
    All well here in Jersey – but distinct shortage of inspiring painters.
    Don’t blame you, and Sarah Adams for emigrating to Cornwall …
    all the same , lots to focus on here, as you’ll remember

    Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2015

    Alastair Best


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