Studio Photo, 1998.

Caro Woods MA

The Subject Matter for my artwork can be anything in the visual world. Represented by digital photography and video, drawings and paintings, or inspiration taken from found objects. Very often it becomes a deeper reflection of my own internal emotional state. The work usually begins with observed drawings which become abstracted through the mark making processes and developed through a variety of layers towards a conclusion. Sometimes the image is quickly resolved. At other times, the process becomes a journey over time before disparate fragments find their rightful place and purpose.

Caro Woods, (born 1954).  Aged 18, Caro studied at the Sir John Cass School of Art, London before gaining her MA in ‘Contemporary Visual Practice’ at Falmouth School of Art in 2003.  She currently lives and works in a converted Methodist Chapel on Dartmoor, having moved from her tiny cottage in West Penwith, Cornwall in 2017.

Coastal Path, mixed media on board

Widowed shortly after her first marriage at the age of 24, a move to the Channel Islands in 1979, re-marriage and the birth of her two children, Caro began to find her visual ‘voice’ when she started to explore the cliff paths of Jersey, recording the landscape in pocket-sized sketch books.  This obsession with walking in the landscape in search of the perfect light or the perfect composition, resulted in a practice that was as much about walking in nature as it was about painting, becoming increasingly fascinated by the land as a multi-faceted mass of geology, archeology, energetic forces, pathways and tangible ley lines that echo down through the ages.

 “In fact, everything that has been imprinted onto our landscape, including mythological archetypes and folklore, as well as pagan rituals that embrace the rhythmic cycles of life and death in nature.  I feel a natural gravitation towards the places that still show traces of where our ancestors would have lived, worked, walked their paths and practiced their rituals at stone circles, menhirs, sacred groves, and ancient burial mounds.  And by ‘tuning in’ to my surroundings, it also seems a natural progression for me to use my understanding of the healing power of nature and the environment to work with the earth energies, ley lines and chakras of the earth’s body, applied via vibrations of my own internal chakras, footsteps and reflective thoughts.  I have come to understand this as a form of embodied spiritualism”

Scorched Earth

Recognising the paths we follow are loaded with metaphors for life and pursuing my deep interest in spirituality, my practice has evolved into a search for an aesthetic that mirrors my own spiritual journey.  I have endeavoured to deepen my connections to nature, reaching out for guidance from the ‘otherworld’, the spiritual realm beyond our own physical world. I began to see myself as an Artist Pilgrim and my work increasingly concerned with concepts surrounding the ideas and practice of pilgrimage, using metaphor and magic to make sense of the mysteries of the natural world.



Elemental Energies website

© Caro Woods
April, 2022
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    1. Thank you so much bussokuseki!
      Being true to yourself is often the hardest thing to do. It is a refinement that I am constantly practicing. Thank you for your good wishes. x


  1. So pleased to have found you Caro – gutted that I missed that film workshop – I’m in the first year of a 3 year part time MA contemporary art practice at Plymouth Uni – best Rosie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry Rosie, there are sure to be many more to come – by popular demand! I expect you have already signed up to their newsletters? What about suggesting they run a workshop as part of your MA and invite James? (Although, I know certain uni’s are averse to ‘older’ technologies). Anyway, enjoy your studies. Caro


  2. Hi Caro, thank you for leaving your spider blog post reference in your comment. I read your ABOUT face and very much like and agree with your approach to life and spirituality. Our paths are indeed lined with all kinds of symbols and metaphors and all we need to do is tune in and gather what we need to know. I need to follow you.


    1. Annette, I’m really pleased you have decided to follow my blog….many thanks. (I have followed you for some time now!) It is very satisfying when we make these sort of connections. The web and car thing…..you’ve got me thinking about that one.


      1. Thank you Alistair! And thanks for taking the time to have a look at my blog. I had a look at your website and enjoyed reminiscing over those lovely Green Island landscapes. Your portraits are wonderful too and I did scan them to see if I recognised anyone! Loving your work. x


  3. Caro
    do you have a website of finished paintings, drawings &tc?
    I’d love to see more of/buy some of your lovely mono prints.
    All well here in Jersey – but distinct shortage of inspiring painters.
    Don’t blame you, and Sarah Adams for emigrating to Cornwall …
    all the same , lots to focus on here, as you’ll remember

    Happy Christmas and very best wishes for 2015

    Alastair Best


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