7 Steps back to Health

Coronavirus Journal No. 3. (5 weeks post op).

As promised, I would like to share with you the 7 simple steps I have devised for my journey back to health, joy, vitality and wellbeing.   Each one will be explored in more detail in the following posts as I dive deeper into the mechanics of how they might work in practice.  I recognise this time as a perfect opportunity to be present in the moment.  To listen to, and implement, my own body’s wisdom.  To spend more time being still.  Become more aware of my intuition and my body’s natural rhythms.  Take notice of the little things we do as we try to create some sort of new routine for our lives in ‘lockdown’ mode.  I have gathered together some books that I think might also help, but also, the internet is flooded with self-help advice about things like meditation, cooking up a feast, and yoga. They all seem to pop up at just the right moment!

The things on my prescription list are:

  1. Be Creative.  

The will to create is strong. 

I don’t necessarily mean paint that masterpiece or write the novel you’ve always wanted to write.  Or it might be!  I mean, it is more important than ever, to live each day with purpose, like it is your last, because one day this will be true.  You have the time to think.  You can be creative in the everyday things we do, such as gardening or preparing a meal and even doing the washing up.  In my case that is putting everything in the dishwasher, before I write my book! In the dishwasher because my hands are getting sore and chapped by constant washing. I suspect we will be running out of hand cream as the next big stockpile item?

While I contemplate my creative life, I can also strive to live my best life and focus on eliminating all dis-ease in my body.  (see ‘Home Alone in the Time of Coronavirus’).  The new emerging me needs to re-boot my entire system.  I know it is within my power to heal my body, mind and spirit and find a compelling reason to live!  I would like to use this creative time to take the necessary steps to be the healthiest I can be, not only for my own wellbeing but for my family, friends and the animals in my care.  I would like to hold on to long-term plans such as finishing my book and planning my next long-distance ride!  I need to hold onto the belief that my work in this world is not yet done.

Let us also not forget the power of humour to sooth our troubled souls!  Laughter is often the very best medicine as we all struggle to find our new normal. 

2.     Food Matters

Create more healthy eating habits.  

One of the strongest messages that I am getting from spirit – as if by loudhailer – is about food and healthy eating.  Thousands of years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said “let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.  This means boosting the healing process from the inside out.  Every single cell in our bodies is renewed at a regular rate, thus the saying that we ‘are what we eat’ is so very true.   If what we eat contributes to dis-ease, then the reverse is also true.  Eating only what our bodies were designed to eat will lead to health and vitality.

From my research, I know that I need to follow a food plan that is largely plant-based.  These are ‘prana’ foods or ones where the living force within the plant is still intact.  It also means cutting out processed sugars – which feeds cancer cells – hard fats, and cutting down on salt.   This is a diet based on a full rainbow of fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes.  Preferably harvested from plants that have been grown in ground that has been nourished and not treated with artificial fertilisers or pesticides, although sourcing such produce is a bit difficult atm.   (I’m on a waiting list to get a delivery from Riverford even though I used to be a customer in the past.)  

Also on the diet are things like mushrooms, herbs and supplements designed to turn off cancer cells from forming or counteract against the effects of chemotherapy.  And possibly setting aside a couple of days in the week for fasting, to kick start my compromised immune system.  I shall be particularly looking for changes in my thyroid gland and improvements in my lymphatic system.  

3.     Releasing Angst.

Dealing with Stress and Anxiety.  (See ‘Torn Apart’)

The body stores trapped emotions.  Anxiety and fear causes stress on our physical bodies, particularly in our solar plexus region, just as anger is stored in the liver and grief in the kidneys.  To clear the flow of energy though the body, I must embrace a new field of consciousness that not only acknowledges my trapped emotions but finds a way to deal with them.  And turn around the causes of dis-ease to those of ease.  To shift the paradigm from negative emotions to rediscover joy in the ordinary, everyday things.  

Sleep is also vitally important for optimum health.  As we all begin to slow down behind closed doors, this might be easier to achieve as we tune into our natural bio-rhythms.  Perhaps also paying more attention to my dreams and what my sub-conscious might be trying to tell me.

4.     Increase Movement

Exercise as Therapy

We all know that exercise increases not only physical well-being but also mental health as well.  Something we all need to be mindful of at the moment.  I shall be increasing my exercise, gradually building it up each week from 10 minutes a day, 20, 30, 40 minutes and so on as the weeks progress.  Having whippets that need walking every day not only helps with physical activity but also with building it into a regular routine.   I try and factor a hill climb each day for cardiovascular health, making sure to take deep breaths that expand my lungs.  I might even try and find a space in my now very busy schedule to fit in a bit of yoga!

It is a reality that for the first time in the history of our planet, there is more obesity than there is poverty in our world’s population.  I can do my little bit.  With a better diet and more regular and mindful exercise, I plan to bring my weight down to a more healthy level.

5.     Stay Positive

With Light and Love

If we stay focused on a positive outlook on life, we can all get through this most difficult of times.  Banish negativity, doom and gloom.  I am going to create a sacred space in my home where I can be at peace with myself.  A personal space where I can find the stillness that I need to go forward in harmony with these times.  We WILL get through this.  

6.     Follow My Intuition

Listen to My Gut

By spending more time tuning into my body and what it is telling me.  And to reinforce my belief and trust in the Universe as a collective source for good.  Helping me make decisions about my future that I know will be beneficial.

7.     Deepen My Spiritual Practice.

Through the Healing Power of Chakras.

To rediscover ‘breathing with intention’.  This is a way of tapping into the creative forces of the universe and make empowering connections to the Divine Universal Wisdom.  No social distancing is needed when asking your guides and helpers in the spirit world to come forward, even though they are very busy at the moment helping with the sick and the healers trying to mend them. 

This is the time when I need to start practicing what I preach.  To send healing energy to each of my chakras to bring them back into alignment and balance within my whole body.  I shall be finding a special time in the day (to be in my Sacred Space) where I can meditate my chakras back to health and vitality.  To make each one glow with healing light and energy, just as they should be.  And in particular, restore the willpower, passion and confidence in my solar plexus chakra.  And send love and healing energy from my heart chakra to the rest of my body and then to the rest of the world.  To banish all traces of disease, not just for me but for others who are also suffering.