The Book: the journey to publication, *1.

The first 15,000 words of ‘The Rainbow Ribbon Way’ have gone off to The Literary Consultancy (Manuscript Assessment and Editorial Advice) for its first edit. This has only been possible thanks to a ‘Free Read’ scheme offered by Literature Works, a charity that helps ‘support creative writing and the development of writers and readers of all ages, from all walks of life in the South West’.

To say that this is an exciting time for me in the process towards publication is an understatement. I am feeling more confident, having attended a ‘How to get Published’ conference in Bristol before Christmas (thanks also to a ‘gifted’ place by Literature Works), run jointly with ‘Writers & Artists’. It was an inspirational day with established authors and agents talking about their processes: the successes and the pitfalls.

Photo montage of ‘M Shed’, Bristol. (Caro Woods)

One of the loudest messages throughout the day was ‘expect and prepare for rejection!’ I get it. But I now have the tools to at least try and get it right first time. And I am a determined individual so I will keep going until it becomes a reality, even though I know this is a very lengthy process……no quick fixes here. Already 4 years in the making…….and counting. And I haven’t even started on the illustrations, in earnest, tho’ of course I have a good idea of what they will be.

So, with thanks again to Literature Works, extremely grateful for this opportunity ………. and……….at the moment, waiting to hear who has been assigned to edit the first part of my manuscript, ‘The Rainbow Ribbon Way’. And looking forward to giving my followers a sample ‘read’ of the first ‘edited’ draft, here on this website. So look out for instalment *2, coming not very soon!