It’s taken a few years but finally I am embracing the phenomenon that is Instagram! https://www.carowoods.pilgrimartist

My first post was a ‘trial’ photo of my whippet, Tami, and there it languished in solitary confinement for 4 years until September this year.  Then I began to post a few pictures of what I was getting up to in my daily life and it suddenly took off.  I quickly became interested in the whole business of what goes on in this new platform.

Checking in to see if anyone has ‘liked’ my latest image and looking for people who enjoy similar interests has become a new pattern of behaviour to add to my Facebook habit.  I can see this could be as addictive.  Oh dear, is there enough life for all this screen gazing?  But I’m having far too much fun to stop it at the moment.

If anyone wants to check out my burgeoning Instagram stream, have a look at the link @carowoodspilgrim.