A Potpourri of Observations

This weeks photo challenge is ‘extra’.  Last week I posted off a package of work for a mixed show in Jersey, in the Channel Island, as a guest artist in Observations with Art in the Frame, at The Harbour Gallery, opening this weekend.  I hope the show goes well.

So I present a few ‘extras’ for you: a potpourri selection of details from some of the work I sent off as my contribution.  (click on images for a larger view).

Seven + One, concertina ‘book’

From the Ancient Landscape Series:

Divided Cells:



From the Membrane Portals Series:

For other ‘extras’, see here.



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3 responses to “A Potpourri of Observations

  1. All the best with the show, Caro. What’s your medium?



  2. Thank you Janet. I have no favoured medium, just use whatever is required for what I want to say. That could be anything from video, digital manipulation of images, crayons, paint, pencil drawings, collage assemblages …..etc.etc. x


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