Daily Prompt: Tables Turned

template-mastercopy-for-KerstenWoods-ProductionsLike a lot of people I am most definitely camera-shy.  However, David ‘snapped’ this image whilst I was doing some filming with Anja.  I used it in all the publicity stuff I did for the films we made, and as in this instance, on the actual DVD.  I am ‘hiding’ behind the camera and feel quite comfortable there.  Unlike Anja, I do not relish being in front of the lens even though she somehow managed to persuade me to do several talking pieces to camera which I found absolute agony!  So this is a rare picture of me.  You won’t be seeing many more (not if I have anything to do with it)!  Perversely, I have no such qualms about doing ‘extra’ film work.  I figure that no one looks at the extras in a movie as they are just there for atmosphere.  Had to turn down a bit of extra work for Doc Martin recently because I was too busy.  However, if you can be bothered to scour the crowd scenes, I’m in a couple of films out now: escaping the zombies in World War Z (Hollywood Zombie Epic) and at a wedding in About Time (a ‘rom-com’ by director Richard Curtis of Notting Hill fame).

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