The Song of the Black Bird

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The Summer Solstice heralds the longest day and for me this is always the most magical time of the whole year.   The sun at its zenith, my thoughts automatically turn to love.   To embrace this new day, early this morning – lighting a candle to symbolize the abundance of light on this day – I decided to meditate on love, wisdom, grace and inspiration.  I was rewarded with a ‘black bird’, and to look for ‘messages in the stars’ from my messengers.  What a gift and to top it all, unwrapping a package of loo rolls, this image presented itself just going to show these messages are intimately woven into the fabric of my life!


Then as the day unravelled, the mystery deepened.  You see it has become a custom to celebrate this special time with a visit to Boscawenoon Stone Circle.  In the past, anything from a basking adder to an owl carrying a vole off to its young has been revealed on this special day.  So the expectation of seeing a blackbird as confirmation of my message was high.  Looking around the hedgerow on the perimeter of the circle, at first I was somewhat disappointed as there was no blackbird to be seen.  But I could hear one!  And just to be sure, I checked the delightful tune I was hearing with my ‘Birds of Britain’ app.  Playing the song of the blackbird on my app had the effect of setting into motion a thrilling little duet of trills between my ‘phone and the blackbird, at the same time aware that I didn’t want to cause any territorial worries!

One of the Gaelic names for the blackbird, Druid Dhubh, means the black Druid, a bird renowned for its melodious song at twilight, a time of transition between one reality and the next: in this instance the transition between the height of Summer towards the dark days of Winter.  According to Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, (The Druid Animal Oracle), ‘in heeding Druid Dhubh’s song, you will discover healing and new depths in your soul’.

Follow this link to see a sonogram of the blackbird song.

Then, as always happens when visiting these special places, meeting interesting people has become the norm.  This day was no different and I met a charming women who turned out to be a ‘sound’ healer from Plymouth, discovering that we had a few friends in common came as no surprise.  It was only later that I recognized the significance of this particular meeting: I was to heed the sound of the birdsong wherein I would find my message.

The blackbird is renowned for singing at Twilight.  Carr-Gomm: ‘.….Twilight is the shimmering time ….. as the time of daylight and consciousness and the concrete world gives way to the moon-time of the Unconscious, of the Other world.  His song reminds us that these gateway-times are ones of great beauty and potential‘.   Is it no coincidence that within 2 days (on 23rd June) of the sun at its zenith, we will also be experiencing a Super moon: A moon at its largest due to its orbital proximity to the earth  (just 356,991 km away), creating the biggest celestial event of the year?

More details here on the Perigee Moon.

Rebecca Solnit (A Field Guide to Getting Lost), says the art of recognizing the role of the unforeseen, of keeping your balance amid surprises, ‘….of collaborating with chance, of recognizing that there are some essential mysteries in the world and thereby a limit to calculation, to plan, to control.  To calculate on the unforeseen is perhaps exactly the paradoxical operation that life most requires of us’.

rusted gate decorations just off the path to the stone circle
rusted gate decorations just off the pathway to the stone circle

If you are wishing to enhance your own High Summer magic, here is a beautiful meditation for you: