Travel Theme: Flow

‘People step into the same rivers and different waters flow onto them’

Heraclitus (c.500 BC)

Do you find that sometimes you go out for a walk and arrive home again surprised that you are back where you started so quickly?  This kind of walking ‘in the flow’ is a state of being where you become totally lost in your thoughts, deeply focused on the moment, whilst your feet seem to propel you along almost mechanically.  In the same way that a journey home seems to take much less time than the outward journey.  It’s like the ‘automatic pilot’ takes over and time becomes suspended as you eat up the miles.

self reflected in puddle
self reflected in strim-strewn puddle

However, to get caught on the moor in a sudden shower soon shakes you out of your reverie.  This has happened rather a lot recently.  Tammi races up and down the track in her ‘mad-moment’ whippet way trying to escape the stinging drops on her back whilst Sadie cowers behind me trying to shelter in my slip-stream.  The trickle of water now collecting in the track already scoured out by water into deep ruts soon fills to a stream.  IMG_9928Of course, going uphill, you are walking against the flow; downhill, with the flow.


“Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. Between the two my life flows.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

I’ve taken the ‘flow’ theme for this post from Ailsa’s weekly theme challenge.

Travel theme: Flow