Curves Containing a Protective Bubble of White Light

inside the sky / sound scape space
inside the sky / sound scape space

Curves as a bubble of white light hitting the wall of James Turrell’s Sky Space at Tremenheere after our meditation last week.  (Our meditation practice had to be cancelled this (Sunday) morning because of the incessant rain.)  I took this picture just as the sun came out providing a beautiful confirmation of what had come up for me during the meditation.  I wrote this soon afterwards:

09/06/2013.  Cocoon as Chrysalis.  This was the message I received today at the ‘sitting’ practice in James Turrell’s Sky / Sound Space at Tremenheere.  I was cocooned as a chrysalis (awaiting to emerge).  For me, this signifies protection.  The colour today was white.  This being held within a white space filled with white light.  (All the colours of the rainbow are held within white light.)  Chris guided us through another beautiful meditation, concentrating on the breath, ‘the thread that anchors us in this physical world’.  In that space where sound is amplified, the distinctive songs of different birds provides a musical interlude as they fly through and over the opening to the sky, merging in and out of audible awareness.  Coincidentally, Faye asked me after our sitting practice when we were talking about communication with people who have the potential to ‘sap’ your energy, ‘how can I protect myself?’  I said, imagine surrounding yourself with a bubble of the white light from the meditation.  The interesting thing about this exchange was that Faye had not been able to join us for the meditation but had joined us for coffee afterwards.  She had asked me how the sitting practice had gone and I told her about the white light.  She said she had meditated at home and got the same white light.  The ‘cocoon as chrysalis’ was a message for Faye.

And now I have blogged about it, it is for anyone who needs it.  Happy Fathers Day!

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