Four Stars: Two Anniversaries, Two Christenings & Open Studios.

IMG_9820 black and white

my daughter, Georgina, with her daughter, Rose

This is all about the women who span 4 generations of my family: 4 stars for four beautiful women.

Starting with my mother-in-law, Jean.

my mother-in-law, Jean, with my sister-in-law, Rebecca, as a baby

here she is holding Rebecca, aged 8 month old

The christening gown that Rebecca is wearing was made by my mother-in-law, Jean.  3 generations later, the same christening gown is worn by baby Rose for her christening.   Here she is cradled in the arms of her Great Aunt Rebecca, now a grandmother herself.

The same christening gown worn by Rebecca (who is holding Rose), Rebecca's children and my children, (including Rosie's mother).

The same christening gown worn by Rebecca (who is holding Rose), Rebecca’s children and my children, (including Rosie’s mother).

another of Georgie's creations

one of Georgie’s creations

 Also, Rose Beatrice, reaches her milestone first birthday.

Georgie's design for Rosie's cake

Georgie’s design for Rosie’s cake

the finished article - all Georgie's work!

the finished article – all Georgie’s work!

Rose observing the festivities

Rose observing the festivities

If you are wondering what this has to do with Open Studios, well the timing of these family events happens to coincide with this years’ Open Studios Cornwall.  Consequently, I have only managed to visit a few Open Studios and I wasn’t intending to buy anything but found this little raku glazed pot by Judy Collins (Studio No: 37) at Trewidden Studios and decided to buy it for my daughter as it will go with her collection of ceramics.



From the few studios that I did manage to visit, one of the stand-out Open Studio for me was Susanna Bauer’s (Studio No: 36) with her exquisitely hand stitched magnolia leaves.  (This was purely ‘window’ shopping).

Susanna Bauer


Also Roger Weisman‘s (Studio No: 26) large welded ‘words’ whom I found by chance whilst driving down a lane near Chyenhal.

a gun-shot 'hope'

a gun-shot ‘hope’

And Jonathan Smith‘s talk at the Newlyn School of Art, author of ‘Summer in February‘, talking about his book and the film soon to be released.

I found this beautiful limited edition book of etchings, Florence Flies Away, by illustrator, Esther Connon, at last years‘ Open Studios and have been waiting for the right opportunity to give it to Rosie.   I decided to give it to her as a christening present.



And finally, it is George and Georgina’s (known as the GG’s – pronounced ‘geegee’ – in the family) 2nd wedding anniversary, I have designed these mugs for them which follows the theme of their wedding present from me.  (see here)

The designs for the mugs I put together in InDesign.

The designs for the mugs I put together in Adobe’s InDesign.

the finished article

the finished articles

This venture was a first for me so a bit of an experiment.  Next time I would like to refine the process and find a better quality plain white mug/cup to work with.  I wonder if anyone can tell me where I might source such a thing?

For more Four Stars:



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8 responses to “Four Stars: Two Anniversaries, Two Christenings & Open Studios.

  1. Sasha

    Lovely to meander through the Woods’ narrative, Caro, and glimpse the exquisite details of your artistic rebirth. Absolutely charming. Xx


  2. You have such an eye for beautiful things Caro xxx


  3. How creative to design the mugs yourself…what a special gift. and it seems creativity might run in the family, those cakes were both beautiful. And my final thought is just how beautiful that etching book looks, it looks delicious from the couple of shots you posted. Lucky Rosie!


  4. stephen woods

    I love to follow your meanderings, the subsequent discoveries and the conclusions you draw. I particularly enjoyed the family string as it is all about us and the little thread we created together and will leave behind x

    You have such a fertile imagination. Your ex x


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