The Apple of Peru

IMG_9093Identified by a fb friend as Nicandra Physalodes (Apple of Peru) or Shoo-fly plant from the Nightshade, solanaceae (potato) family.  (Thanks Lin).  I have combined the husks and seeds with some drawings in these photos.  I like the grey of the graphite with the warm grey tones of the decaying plant material.


An email from Ben at the Real Seed Catalogue (great little mail order company if you are looking for traditional seed varieties) from an enquiry I sent – identified it as ‘most likely from the cape gooseberry (physalis ixocarpa) or perhaps chinese lantern‘ – but that it was the ‘remains of a fruit from last autumn, partially rotted in its calyx‘, and ‘…..note that chinese lanterns are not edible, indeed toxic, so you need to know which it is before growing again‘.  Well, he was definitely in the right ‘ball-park’ but surprising that even a seedsman doesn’t always know his potatoes for his onions so to speak.