Banking my Assets

Flood & Spill
Flood & Spill

I’ve spent the past week sorting out my photographic archive.  Believe me this was a massive undertaking!   I’ve grouped some of my favourites together and made them into pdf pages that you can click on and view in my new image bank.

I’ve also created a separate page for videos.  I’ve not quite finished as I am still in the process of sorting them all out.   There is the inevitable tweaking that needs to be done because I’m not happy with everything yet but you can still have a sneak preview if you like.  This will always be a work in progress.

Of course all the images up-loaded onto this blog are photographs out of necessity, but demonstrate a mixture of drawings, iphone drawings, stills from videos and photographic collections of things that appeal to me which I am adding to all the time.   With very rare exceptions, all the images and videos have been created during the lifetime of this blog.

posters 1
Posters 1

I will endeavour to update these pages now on a more regular basis in future.  These are samples of what you might see.   Please do take a look if you have a few moments to spare, and let me know what you think?