Free Spirits

The following extract is part of an email sent to me this week by a dear friend.  It describes a dream she had.  I have added a painting I did last November that I thought was appropriate.  It is so wonderful when things like this happen out of the blue, and it arrived just after I had published Guiding Spirit, a post about our genius.  It certainly lifted my spirits.  My first thought when I read it was that the young girl was my granddaughter, Rose.

I had a lovely dream about you and me last night being very free spirits. You were down on a beach somewhere and I was climbing down to join you on the beach – the wind was up and the sun was shining and my dog ran ahead of me to join you and your dog and a friend of yours with his (sic) dog, she was  a young girl. Once you saw my dog you realised I was coming I was climbing down the headland and the sand dunes. I got to the beach and I said to you

Path Over the Dunes, mm on board, November, 2012

Path Over the Dunes, mixed media on board, 2012

look at this day.  It is absolutely beautiful. Then we both just marvelled at the sea. We then said together that we loved it here ! That was it. We were two free spirits and happy.


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