Beach Chevron

The post has arrived and no messages of love for me today (though I did get a special text message)!

a sign in the sand

a sign in the sand

If you look hard enough you often find signs in nature that capture your imagination and make you believe that they were meant for you as a personal symbol.  Sometimes I will ask for a sign to confirm some sort of question I am pondering.  I discovered this beautiful rock lying in the sand whilst walking the dogs with David on Praa Sands last week.  At first glance I thought it might be a lump of gabbro or schist from the Lizard, but on closer inspection we both agreed it was definitely some sort of sedimentary rock.



Anyway, I was struck by the wonderfully architectural shape of it: arrow head; chevron; heart shape; directional pointer; signal; depending on which way round you looked at it.  I had a bit of fun with the image in the ‘Mobile’ Sketchbook app on my phone.

looking ahead

looking ahead



Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine







If you seek you shall find the messages we need from nature.   For today, it is the heart shape that I send (and receive) with all my love. x.


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