Deep Blue

From: Caro Woods []
Sent: 09 February 2013 10:37
To: Michael Richards
Subject: RE: Deep Blue again

Deep Blue
Deep Blue

Dear Michael,

I have attached a new (jpeg) image of Deep Blue.  As the original picture was a small file, I turned it into a vector image and enlarged the size to 25 square cm. (as requested).

Do let me know if this is going to work and how you are progressing with the book?  Perhaps I could mention it on my blog one day?

Yes thanks, good Christmas and hopeful new year…….very cosy in my tiny cottage as the wind whips up mayhem all around me.

Best wishes, Caro


From: Michael Richards

To: Caro Woods

Subject: Re Deep Blue again

Sent: wed 13/02/2013  10:04

Dear Caro

Thanks for this – I’ve sent it over to our Production Director in the US.

Hopefully we’ll have a mock-up of the jacket using your image by the end of this month (I need it for a catalogue we produce in time for the London Book Fair in April). I’ll send you a copy of it and then you could blog about it if you wish. Here is a short description of  the book:

In From Boulanger to Stockhausen: Interviews and a Memoir, the Hungarian-born musician Bálint András Varga presents interviews with noted international figures in twentieth-century music. Varga’s subjects include such luminaries as György Ligeti, Eugene Ormandy, Alfred Brendel, Isaac Stern, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, and Artur Rubinstein. The interviews are complemented by Varga’s memoir, a fascinating account of growing up in postwar socialist Hungary and of his career in radio and music publishing.

Just so I don’t forget, it would be useful to have a credit line for your image which will be printed on the book jacket. I would suggest something like (please complete the missing/incorrect bits):

Jacket image: Deep Blue by Caro Woods. Mixed media on [xxxxxxxx]/ [xx] cms x [xx] cms/ [date]. Website: Caro Woods is an artist who lives and works in Cornwall, UK.  She has exhibited widely throughout Europe and Africa.

Did you eventually move from the farmhouse where you used to rent out the small cottage? We still have fond memories of a wonderfully sunny week there with our greyhound!

Best wishes