Carpe Diem

IMG_7822Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Since I can remember, my clothes have never been so threadbare as they are now.  I wrestle with what I am prepared to give up from my budget to squeeze a couple of bottles of wine into my weekly food basket as an essential to fuel the creative juices you understand!

The working area in my studio has become a repository for my household furniture and collection of books which means out of necessity a very small kitchen table in my hobbit cottage has become my new modus operandi.  The crown on my tooth has been glued back to save the expense of a brand new one and to top it all, the bridge of my spectacles snapped last week and they now balance precariously on my nose patched with sellotape.  And yet, despite these circumstances, I feel I am on the brink of a real transition and feel ready for whatever challenge might lie ahead.

IMG_7815I have already begun sketching out ideas for a completely new body of connected work.  Of course, these ideas have been brewing for a long time and have finally come to the boil.  So to honour the start of this new phase, I am going to give it a title: The Nature / Nurture Project.  Naturally, everything related to this project will be categorised accordingly!

Rocks and Rust
Rocks and Rust

Nature / Nurture Project

Briefly, this is an umbrella title for a series of new work to highlight contrasts between the untamed, natural geography and how we have used / abused it for our own purposes.   My purpose is to explore a more visceral approach to landscape  / nature and in particular, our deep emotional and physical connections to it.

At this stage I envisage this project unfolding in three separate but interlinking sub-sections:

  1. Tracing / Tracking Movement through Landscape (including notions of time and space).
  2. Spiritual Associations with Nature and the Sublime (as well as looking at archetypal models and the male / female principle).
  3. Nourishment and Sustenance through Nature and Nurture (looking at cultivated as well as foraged fodder together with mythical and metaphorical associations of nourishment).

In the same way that I have come to realise that writing (and this blog in particular) is an important part of my practice, I will naturally be charting the progress of this new phase in my story and as always welcome any thoughts or feedback that might crop up along the way.