The Crustaceans

Crustaceans. Noun: any mainly aquatic arthropod usually having a segmented body and chitinous exoskeleton. syn: crustacean.  (Just hold that thought for a moment).



IMG_7667IMG_7665IMG_7662Waiting for the BT Man to come and connect me to the grid one typically drizzly winter’s afternoon recently, I opened my sketch book and began drawing the whippets, my feet propped on a footstool allowing me to rest the book in my lap at the perfect angle for drawing.

My subjects, unusually fidgety because they were missing their afternoon walk, forced me to make very rapid drawings, sometimes only managing to establish a few shaky marks before they shifted positions.

A couple of hours later and no-show from BT Man, I had nearly filled an entire sketch book with these scribbles.

So what has all this got to do with Crustaceans, I hear you cry?  Well, lets start with prawns.  You see, since my daughter started calling the whippets ‘prawns’ on account of their prawn-shaped bodies, my X (the father of my children) – in his very own cryptic way – has come up with a new collective noun for a group of whippets……you guessed it: The Crustaceans.

I have asked him, since he is especially good at drawing caricatures, please could he illustrate for me what this new breed of aquiline creatures might actually look like?  He didn’t seem too phased by the challenge so watch this space!