Lula’s Anemones

IMG_7663IMG_7655For Lula, In Memoriam

Anemone – meaning woodland flower. Narcissus – Greek God who fell in love with his own image.


Towards the end of November last year, I received the news we had all been dreading but sadly expecting.  My beautiful sister-in-law, Lula – who had just reached her 60th Birthday (but didn’t look a day over 40 – the effect of not having children, perhaps?), died of a devastating brain tumour.

Apart from her heart-broken husband, Michael, Lula’s other most enduring passion in life was her love of gardening. I can see her now, quoting the latin names of plants with her impish grin, enthusing about the merits of this one or t’other.  I swear she didn’t always get it right but none of us was ever in a position of being able to correct her.

IMG_7654The church at Bruton in Somerset was packed for her funeral service.  It was decked out with an abundant display of greenery from the very forest out of which Lula, with the help of Michael of course, had fashioned her latest creation.  It was her wish to give the mourners a flower as they left the church.  I brought mine home and decided to dedicate a painting of them to the memory of dear Lula.  This is the start of that project and I shall be thinking of her throughout the process.