Colour is Reasoning

Sketch for ‘Yellow Dot Cloth‘, pencil on paper
Yellow Dot Cloth, oil on card, 20cm x 18cm

The Post-impressionist painter, Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) wrote in a diary, ‘Drawing is sensation. Colour is reasoning‘.    For an artist who made drawings in his diaries I assume this is a reference to his working method where he quickly recorded his sensations in front of nature.  Colour, on the other hand, was only ever used in his studio, away from nature.   For me, his drawings are so richly described with marks, stabs and dabs, it is like looking at one of his paintings.  This is unlike Philip Hughes, for instance, who makes careful pencil drawings in the landscape and later ‘fills’ the drawn areas with flat colour when he gets back to his studio.

For Yellow Dot Cloth, with a gentle nod to Bonnard, I have made a painting with only my drawing done elsewhere as a reference, and is the one I have chosen to enter for Badcocks Christmas Post Card exhibition this year.