2nd Anniversary

First attempt at making jewelry from beach finds

I can hardly believe two years have passed since I started this blog!  What started out as an exercise to record artwork in a visual journal, my blog has become my creative conscience: a confessional in which I confront my fears, inaction, creative blocks, visual delights, and where there is nowhere to hide.

Art (and this blog) is the one ‘constant’ in my life and where I turn to in times of trouble.  It is at these most trying times that I often produce my best work and this blog may prove to be my greatest achievement yet – apart from my children!

I feel supported by the faithful – the small but elite band of  ‘follows’ who chart my ups and downs and thank you once again for your gentle encouragement, popping up occasionally to spur me on.  I hope that it too, in some small way, brings a glimmer of hope and inspiration to those who may be experiencing the same dilemmas and pitfalls we all go through at times in both our creative and personal progress through life.  I send you all virtual kisses and light a special sparkler to celebrate your loyalty. xxx



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6 responses to “2nd Anniversary

  1. morvah

    Those are lovely! What kind of drill did you use for the stones?


    • Thanks Morvah….the beads are already drilled. The stones are just wrapped together with wire. You can get a small drill for making holes in stones and I think I might have to get one. Do you make your own jewelry?


  2. Nick

    Happy Birthday blog! Keep the insights and images coming, it’s great to hear the artist’s engine’s whirrings xNx


  3. morvah

    No, but I have boxes of stones which I seem incapable of returning to the beach!


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