……..but the Kitchen Sink

In search of inspiration to get me out of a creative rut which is rendering me impotent at the moment, I spent a whole morning sharpening up my pencils in preparation for some serious ‘drawing’ action.  (Is this just another cleverly disguised avoidance action?)

newly sharpened pencils ranging from H, HB to EE

Anyway, for the next few days, I’ve tasked myself with producing at least one ‘purposeful’ drawing per day for the foreseeable future, and to see where it leads me.  Not much to ask, you might say, but believe me this simple task is challenging enough.

I have decide to concentrate my attention on my immediate surroundings and just draw whatever catches my eye on that particular day.  No elaborate set-ups, no staging of objects, just to do it, whatever the outcome.

More of my scribbled attempts at ‘everyday’ subjects to come.   I have used paint as a drawing tool at times because it speeds up the process (I have a need to work very quickly at times), and I have tried to keep the palette to a tonal range of warm and cool greys.  Collage has begun to creep in too.