Memories of Mac

Here is the diptych that finally became the ‘Mac Memory Boards’.

Memory Board 1, (left) ‘Special Moments with Mac‘, in greens and browns – not to say, liver chestnut colours – and represents his ‘earthly’ existence.  These are the everyday moments in our life with Mac that we recorded with masses of photos.

Memory Board 2, (right) ‘Mac in Heaven‘, is a more fanciful representation of Mac enjoying his spiritual life after his time with us on earth, hence the more ethereal colours.  The white horse could be mistaken for a figure carved into a chalky hillside, but depicts the void his body left behind when he had gone.

(the 2 boards are the same size, not like in the photos! oops.)

Each ‘board’ was created using a variety of media ranging mostly from fabric cut-outs to layered, machine stitched images, and a range of contact sheets I made up using photos taken from old albums as well as pictures of some of the recent paintings of Mac I had done – and discarded.  Some of the pictures are upside down, some at wonky angles and some of the contact sheets (mostly in the ‘after life’ board) were entirely made from pictures which I had digitally altered in my iphone software – see ‘The Archive Pictures’ for some of the earlier versions.

Going along with my recent theme of creating ‘posters’ of current projects, I also decided to give the image a title and made a poster of the process, entitled ‘Memory Boards’ stating the year he was born and the year he died, and incorporated it into the left hand part of the diptych.

Here are some close-up images of the assemblage, in process: