Google Plus or Minus?

google+ screen shot

Returned from the recent Art & Money (3/3) event in Bridport, Dorset, I was inspired by one of the key speakers, Paul Strickland to have a look at Google Plus, and started to map out a profile page, as illustrated here with a screen shot.

Not sure yet how I feel about this new social media platform.  From what I gather so far, its like a more interactive form of blogging.  It certainly seems more engaging than facebook.  But I ask myself, do I have room in my life for any more social networking?

Being a creative of any description is often a very isolating way of life, and successful collaborations take time to develop.   Google plus might just be a useful way of starting meaningful conversations and who knows what might come out of them?   The question is, are there enough hours in the day to spend on-line building up yet another type of supportive network?  What might the long-term benefits be, I wonder?  Would it actually provide work opportunities, as it did for Paul Strickland – an avid google-plus’er – who as an illustrator, received a commission from Denmark(?) as well as a book deal from his  Google+ contacts?

Post Script.  29/06/2012 I copied and pasted this post onto my google plus page and used it as my first ‘hi there’ post.  Today, I have three people who want to be friends.  I am beginning a new circle!