Stitching and Book Binding

Machine free-stitching workshop

This year, through unexpected circumstances, I found myself in the fortunate position of being a visitor to Cornwall Open Studios rather than a participant.  I attended 2 workshops, both involving stitching of some sort: Alison Mahoney’s Printmaking and Bookbinding day course and Sandra Hardy’s Machine Embroidery 2 hour session where I learned a lot from both workshops (see attached pics).  As well as the workshops, I visited many individual artists’ studios as well as shared venues.  Here are the 7 artists I found most memorable (the numbers in brackets correspond to their listing in the catalogue and not their age!)

Simple screen printing and book binding workshop.
  • Elaine Turnbull(77) exuberant paintings, full of human emotions, some playful and humorous, others subtle and sobering,
    fabric pieces

    made up sections with screen printed paper

but all full of highly original texture, rhythm and colour.

  • Paul Wadsworth (165) for his expansive acrylic / oil canvases, heavily textured and full of joy.
  • Esther Connon (101) makes hand bound and screen printed books with narrative based illustrations of rare quality.
  • Susanna Bauer, (159) for her delicate but exquisitely sculpted and stitched leaves.
  • Rebecca Ball (23) produces one-off pieces of stitched paper map collages and embroidered birds in migration.
  • Daniel Cole (25) is obviously a lover of nature producing small oil paintings and sketch books full of bird studies.
  • Nina Ducker (40) wall hung ceramic pieces often in multiples, inspired by sea and landscape.  A ceramicist  with a painter’s sensibility!