Quilt of Many Colours

arranging pieces ready for machining
made-up border strips

I’ve done it!

The cot quilt is now almost ready for the new arrival.  I have made a border using scraps left over from the hexagon ‘stars’ (see Up-cycled History and Hexagonal Biscuits!).  Surprised at how much material I had left over.

Apart from the border pieces which I machined, the quilt has all been sewn together by hand.  I just have a few evenings of stitching left to do to ensure the ‘sandwich’ of quilt top, wadding and backing stay together.   For the record, it measures 62″ x 40″ (156cm x 102cm approx.). Begun back in February, it has taken about 3 months of evenings to complete, easier as the days became longer and the light increased.  My finger is as callused as a finger-picking guitar player but worth every minute.

Now I can’t wait to give it to the new parents.  I do hope they like it……..

close-up detail
The finished article!