Quilt of Many Colours

arranging pieces ready for machining

made-up border strips

I’ve done it!

The cot quilt is now almost ready for the new arrival.  I have made a border using scraps left over from the hexagon ‘stars’ (see Up-cycled History and Hexagonal Biscuits!).  Surprised at how much material I had left over.

Apart from the border pieces which I machined, the quilt has all been sewn together by hand.  I just have a few evenings of stitching left to do to ensure the ‘sandwich’ of quilt top, wadding and backing stay together.   For the record, it measures 62″ x 40″ (156cm x 102cm approx.). Begun back in February, it has taken about 3 months of evenings to complete, easier as the days became longer and the light increased.  My finger is as callused as a finger-picking guitar player but worth every minute.

Now I can’t wait to give it to the new parents.  I do hope they like it……..

close-up detail

The finished article!



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7 responses to “Quilt of Many Colours

  1. Georgina Carter

    What a beautiful finished product and a true labour of love! I can’t wait to see it fully installed in the nursery. Lots of love xx


  2. Anja Kersten

    This is stunningly beautiful! I am so much in awe Caro!


    • Thanks Anja……I am really quite pleased with the way it has come out……not bad for a first attempt, and making it up as I go along! Got the bug now….planning a small production of them….oh dear, not enough time for life!


  3. The quilt looks so beautiful, Caro, “a work of art”


  4. Thank you David, you have seen it grow from small beginnings.


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