The Sun and the Stones


This video is an extract taken from Cassandra, a film Anja and I made last year for KerstenWoods Productions.   This sequence is beautiful and I thought it could be a stand alone piece in its own right.   This section is called, The Sun and the Stones, and is a joyful celebration of the mid-Summer sun rising above the circle of stones at Boscawen-un.  It will form the inspiration for the Summer Solstice festivity in our new series of Earth Goddess films charting the cycle of the year.  Some of the raw footage will be re-edited, together with new material and a brand new soundtrack to explore the theme of the The Earth Goddess at the height of her Serpent powers, nourished by the energy of the sun at it’s zenith in the sky.

(The full version of Cassandra is available on DVD from KerstenWoods Productions)