Wall Going Up


The paint pots and brushes have been put into action, though not in the studio but in the house.  Living in a barn of a room has its drawbacks.  With the thought of our two coldest months just around the corner sending icy shivers down my spine, I had a sudden flash of inspiration for conserving the two candle-watt of heat that our woodburner stove manages to throw out.  Build a partition wall!  While acting as a prop for studwork going up, I receive my first greetings card of the season from Birt Irvin which makes my Christmas.

Meanwhile, I found an old Victorian stripped pine door on Network Cornwall and we went to collect it on the blowiest day of the year, lashing it down to the roof of the old Volvo for a bit of a hairy ride home.  As work progressed, I was dashing into B&Q for buckets of paint and filler whilst everyone else is emerging with their Christmas trees reminding me – as if I needed reminding – that the seasonal madness is in full swing.  And tell me this.  How is it possible that my dogs end up with splodges of paint on them when they have not gone within a whisker of wet paint?