Draw and Shoot

mussels attached to a ball


Secondly, I am looking at landscape with a photographer‘s eye.  In this mode, my concerns are mostly about colours and textures.  Here, I am composing pictures (for possible paintings); or thinking of different camera angles and recording field patterns or how bracken and winter grasses interweave their habit; the way that snow transforms a familiar scene; quickly taking a shot of a purple sky before it disappears, or – as in this photo – pouncing on a found object that I have rescued from the jaws of my dogs.  I use the camera on my phone which is always in my pocket.


And lastly, I view it with a painter‘s eye and go forth purposefully with small sketch book and sharpened pencil in my pocket.  This type of drawing requires solitude and dedication away from the madding crowd.  Preferably, with no dogs to keep a wary eye on, no people to distract you with ‘chatter’.  In fact, if I encounter ramblers or dog walkers, I resent the intrusion into my private world and tend to pick isolated places for this reason.  This is an ‘unpeopled’ landscape save for a few ancestral spirits that might be hanging around.