iphone drawing

The omens are good!  After an intense week of activity for our Transformation ‘scratch night’ and the ‘Britain in a Day’ project, I felt we needed to reassess the progress of our collaboration thus far.   I was also feeling I needed more studio time to develop work from the video footage we have done so far.  So, curious to glimpse what the future might hold for KerstenWoods Productions, Anja and I drew a Rune from the red velvet bad.  Berkana, a Cycle Rune that stands for Growth, Rebirth and the Birch Tree was the chosen stone.   It represents “growth both symbolically and actually…….and leads to blossoming and ripening.” (Blum).  The Birch is one of the first trees to come into leaf and therefore associated with Spring and new beginnings.  We could not have asked for a better outcome.

I have always relished the opportunity of working on creative projects with other professionals, and have enjoyed many happy creative associations in the past.  However, I have rarely worked so intellectually closely as I have with Anja.  Being neighbours helps I suppose.  Our numerous discussions about metaphysics, process and conceptual interpretations has been an intense experience and often things have come to light which would never have surfaced had either of us been working solo, discovering that we both possess individual strengths that when combined often becomes more than the sum of it’s parts.  We also share the same work ethic and like to see projects through to completion.

For me, our collaboration has been timely as it has contributed to a welcome shift of emphasis in my own practice.  One that is just beginning to manifest itself in a focus on the human form as a means of expression.  Who knows where it will eventually lead but the future looks bright.