iphone drawing

It is that time of year when all those loose ends need tidying up.  You know, getting those dreaded accounts sorted; putting all those appointments scribbled on assorted scraps of paper into a new diary; updating my ‘about’ page; weeding out the old reading matter from the tower that has piled up by your bed before it collapses, etc, etc.

Last week was no exception.  Reacting to the full moon madness, David and I decided to consult the Runes on Friday, being 11th November, 2011.  Not only was it Armistice Day when we like to meditate on generating more global harmony but also remember all those poor wretched souls who have paid the ultimate sacrifice of war with their lives.   As the clock ticks towards the close of this year, we are also wondering what sort of madness is about to ‘kick off’ as we prepare to enter the momentously transitional year of 2012: such as what sort of global reverberations and spiritual upheavals we are – each and every one of us – going to be subjected to?  (In truth, I believe the process began several years ago.)

With all this in our minds on such an auspicious day – at 11 minutes past the 11th hour – on the 11th day – of the 11th month – of the 11th year, we each drew a Rune from the red velvet bag.  David picked Inguz (symbol for Fertility – technically, a little late I fear), and I picked Raido (illustrated, symbol for Communication, Union, Reunion).  We have grown to trust that whatever we draw from the bag is entirely appropriate.  At the time it is not always what we want but without fail, it is always what we need.  We find the lyrical interpretations that Ralph Blum divined for his Book of Runes are beautiful and pleasingly poetic.

We have used the Runes on countless occasions, not only for ourselves but also on behalf of others, and I cannot remember ever drawing Raido before.  To quote from Blum, it means that “Heaven above you and earth below you unite within you to support you on your way“.  I like that….feels very balanced in the scheme of things.  The magic is definitely in the air.