Moulé Soup

It is hard to believe I have contributed 12 months worth of ‘stuff’ to the blogosphere.   In fact it has become a bit of an opus in itself and feels strangely more than the sum of it’s parts.  All the electronic processes that allow us to manipulate graphics, design websites and produce music and videos have become my new palette and has opened up a whole new toolbox for self-expression.  The process is so much like part of my studio process that I now include it as part of my oeuvre.

iphone drawing

Writing thoughts down forces me to think harder and be more self-critical.  Trying to stick to a weekly post has forced me to come up with something new every time, and flipping through the pages, what surprises me is how much I have managed to say, see, do and record – even tho it’s wierdly back-to-front in this format.  It has been a brilliant vehicle, acting as a sort of depository for fleeting thoughts, considered musings, ideas that have been floating around in the mish-mash of my head-space for years and finally given a comprehensive form – mostly.  It is also a great way of showing off some of my photographs, drawings, paintings, videos and new iphone drawings.