1st ‘Sketchbook’ Anniversary

iphone drawing

87 posts published to date (that’s 1.67 per week to be precise), and three faithful followers thus far!  In the space of a year its taken to create this blog I’ve seen my daughter happily married, my financial situation spiral into a  precarious nose-dive, and my darling whippet Zeta – mother of our two ‘whippet’-snappers – nearly snuff it due to heart disease yet survive against the odds.  This blog wasn’t intended to record my personal highs and lows but merely as a way of getting back into a working practice as an artist…a sort of visual diary, conceived as an ongoing project.  A work in progress.

……no fireworks then and there will be none today!  This post is written specifically for my followers to thank them for their loyalty…..and I give you my first published iphone drawing.  Hope you like it?



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3 responses to “1st ‘Sketchbook’ Anniversary

  1. And much appreciated too! The ponderings and insights you’ve shared on artistic processes do prompt ponderings and insights for me, but in no way as articulately. So keep blogging please. Might even get to share that cuppa one day soon! Nick x PS I like the artwork here 🙂


  2. David

    An Inspired I-phone drawing Caro


  3. Jane

    Happy Anniversary and here’s to the next year of enjoying your writing and images! Jane


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