1st ‘Sketchbook’ Anniversary

iphone drawing

87 posts published to date (that’s 1.67 per week to be precise), and three faithful followers thus far!  In the space of a year its taken to create this blog I’ve seen my daughter happily married, my financial situation spiral into a  precarious nose-dive, and my darling whippet Zeta – mother of our two ‘whippet’-snappers – nearly snuff it due to heart disease yet survive against the odds.  This blog wasn’t intended to record my personal highs and lows but merely as a way of getting back into a working practice as an artist…a sort of visual diary, conceived as an ongoing project.  A work in progress.

……no fireworks then and there will be none today!  This post is written specifically for my followers to thank them for their loyalty…..and I give you my first published iphone drawing.  Hope you like it?