60 wrd/min art critic 2: The Review


Light on a body of water needs no help to enchant even a jaded
eye, so the artist who takes it on as subject tasks herself
with improving on nature. In “dip to white” Caro Woods
attempts to do just that, with video editing software as her
magic tool. Alas it proves less than wondrous. But someone, or
something, spectral does emerge in “Abracadabra,” a haunting
young woman painfully stranded on the other side of a grimy
glass. The video’s clunky title and maudlin soundtrack don’t
do the girl’s delicately rendered plight justice, but it’s
there to be helplessly moved by all the same.
—Lori Waxman


(‘dip to white’ can be seen in a previous post Making Waves.   I don’t think Lori noticed that “….this is my first short experimental film which I have used as an exercise to get to know my way around some new editing software“…. and was indeed using some magic tools in a playful way, rather than trying to “improve on nature”.   I totally accept it’s not a purist’s version…hey ho.  If you would like to see the full text and picture version of my presentation as a pdf file, I would be happy to send you a copy if you email me via: caro@trezelah.co.uk.)


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