60 wrd/min art critic

Ready for Take-Off?

What have I let myself in for?

I’m one of the artists who has requested and been granted (on a first come first serve basis) a short ‘review’ slot to show my work to the prolifically published art critic, Lori Waxman.  I am feeling both privileged and daunted at the same time.  And it all takes place next Wednesday at The Exchange here in Penzance (my review is scheduled for 1.30 pm), as part of a one day review fest.

The 60 wrd/min website states:

“The short review is at once a challenge, an insult, a record, and a piece of advertising. Its purpose is debatable and arguably quite different for the various parties involved: the writer gets a tear sheet, a couple of bucks, and some editorial gratification; the reader, in the best case scenario, gets a succinct, opinionated description of a body of work they probably did not see in person; and the artist gets published recognition and an entry for their bibliography….”  

………..and my blog!  You can be sure, I’ll be posting the results….. just hope I can live with it and won’t have to resort to going around in paper bag over head mode.  It goes on:

 “……Reviews are signed, published, and ready for pick-up within the time frame of the performance. Artist, artwork, critic, and review all exist in the same space simultaneously.
Reviews are free of charge, but are not guaranteed to contain positive responses to the work submitted…….”

I may well live to regret it but I admit I am intrigued and excited by the whole, crazy idea of it.  Bring it on.  I had better go and prepare my pitch.