Bus Stop Apparitions

Anja and I were in St Ives yesterday, visiting a co-conspirator on our ‘transitions’ project.   Walking through the town, the pavement is narrow in places and I stepped into the road to walk around a bus shelter.  Anja said she could see me through the opaque panel that had seen rather better days.  We decided to take a few photos then and do a small video ‘sketch’ on the way back.  This is the result.



The imagery is wonderfully ‘other-worldy’ and rather ghostly.  I love the dints and graffiti on the panels……we could immediately see this becoming part of the project.   However, making videos on the edge of a busy road is not without it’s risks.  I don’t suppose anyone has got an old opaque panel lying around that they don’t want any more by any chance? …..and the more beaten up the better!