The Bigger Picture

Jordan, our 'Sound' Man

It’s The Bigger Picture“.  That was what Angie said when I suggested there was a tangible theme emerging from the Forum ‘Transition’ session yesterday.  The first of what could become an ongoing debate.   As Anja and I listened back to the tape today, we came up with many more questions that need some sort of clarification.   But its a start.   The topic was open and as I had elected Angie to open the discussion with her remarkable story, this is what set the tone.   Here are some brief extracts from the recorded event:

Angie:     I went to a Catholic Convent which cured me of God. (Angie describes her early life and how her Spirit Guide came to work with her and transformed her life).  Transitions can sneak up on you so you’ve got to be aware of that.  Transition is ongoing.  I believe (it) is what we are here for, learning and stretching our boundaries.  Working with so many students over the years is amazing proof of life after death…things you just can’t make up.  I am 100% confident that there isn’t any death.…..and a lot of the time we are instruments of the spirit world.

Herve:     Two biggest taboos – life and death – are connected to birth – sexuality (creativity), and death as in destruction.  We are born, we die.  I died the day I was born.

Anja:  That is the paradox, par excellence!  And it can be reversed.  We are born when we die.

Herve:     (describes a childhood full of Catholic dogma and) using God in the wrong way I’m fine with religion, as long as it’s about love.  You can’t sit on life and say it doesn’t matter or it will smack you back in the face.

Caro:     And that’s the mystery.  Sometimes you do things and you don’t know why, which can be illuminating because you know that it comes from something else, beyond you – from another dimension.  It’s a kind of ‘knowing’ that it’s right – without the slightest hint of righteousness, its just orchestrated by something bigger than me.  (When we listened back to the tape, Anja and I had the image of puppets on strings).

Angie:     It’s like a gigantic spider’s web, and where the points join are where people meet….  It’s about chances and meeting those milestones.

Caro:     So how is this whole thing orchestrated?

Angie:     It’s just the big ‘is’.……..

David:     Take a place like Cornwall, the far West, it attracts the people it needs.  Like the Newlyn School of Painters, but this is a more spiritual thing. The land has a soul, and everyone who has come here, gifted people like artists, musicians, psychics, healers are drawn to this Magic Land like a magnet.

Dave (Guitar):     (Relates his experiences with Spirit)….there was a lot of turquoise and a pinky-purply thing going on….then I began to realise that music and healing were powerful.

Angie:     Sound healing is massive, through all sorts of music.

Herve:    Music is light and that is energy.  Hearing is the only sense that doesn’t shut out when you are sleeping…….and talking about time and how we are attached to time.  It does not exist.

Angie:     You are orchestrated by the human condition of the earth, and time is important, especially when you need to catch a plane!

Leona:     My life has been a series of tiny transitions.  Gradual, evolving transitions.  Steps and stages.  Lots of things to learn from.

Caro:     Like a layering process.

Leona:    Yes, and its about shedding layers, like skins which give you new freedoms.

Angie:     My Guide has just interjected. He says one of the things we miss as a transition is, the path to inner peace is self-acceptance.   As you evolve and as you get used to yourself, people forget that with negative transitions, no matter how hard it is, if you can come out at the other end and prevent others from going through the same, or help their recovery quicker than you had, you are turning a negative into a positive.

Caro:     Just learning to live in our own body is a big enough transition, an acceptance of who we are……  Breaking through cycles of behaviour that have perpetuated  through generations, you have to go through huge transition.…..   and it’s also healthy to be sceptical.

Angie:     Yes, but not so left-brained that you can’t go anywhere.  You were saying, Anja, the logical brain keeps jumping in and sabotaging you, the intuitive, artistic, creative, musical, right brain, we don’t listen to so much.  With meditation and spiritual development, we can shift the balance which will be more useful. We want to go with our intuition but the logical side keeps hanging on by its nails.

Anja:     Transition is about letting go.  It’s a battle of the forces between the old and the new.  You have to hold on to that tension until you are through the transition.

Caro:     A bit like a chameleon……rather than being a changeable or inconsistent person, more like changing colours to match your situation….living it as it’s happening, being in the moment…..not fighting it.

Angie:     People expect you to change your colours.  That’s submission, not transition.  It’s about leaving something behind because you have transformed it, like a metamorphosis which transcends the original form.

Dave (Guitar):     I feel like it’s having all the pieces and not quite knowing where they fit into the ‘Bigger Picture’ puzzle.