‘Transitions’ Forum

Roman Ondak's installation and performance piece at Tate, St. Ives, 9th September 2011

Whilst in St.Ives last week, I took the opportunity to pop into the Tate Gallery and see how this installation piece by Roman Ondak was shaping up, and take this picture.   It is part of his Measuring the Universe 2007 and somewhere under that surround-sound, ‘big wave’ of names, my own is recorded alongside the date it was done.   That was on the opening night of the exhibition when there was just an empty room with blank white walls.  It has developed into a beautifully lyrical trace of everyone who has visited that space since.

And talking of transformations, our own ‘Transition’ project is well on the way to becoming a reality.  As a contributing part of the live collaborative performance, there will be an audio installation of people talking about their own personal transitions, created by Jordan Jackson.  Part of this audio installation will be made up with recorded extracts taken from a Forum event we are planning next Sunday afternoon, 25th September, (to be held near Penzance, Cornwall).

The theme for the open discussion Forum will focus on those particularly significant moments of change in people’s personal lives.

Anyone who is willing to share deeply transformational experiences in their lives is invited.  These are moments when individuals are often thrust into a super-heightened state of awareness, momentarily suspended in a sort of limbo, just before emerging into a new reality.  These moments often reach into other realms, dimensions beyond our earthly physical being and bring new understandings. They are most often accompanied by conflicting emotions at the extremes of the emotional spectrum:

  • terror,
  • confusion,
  • deep sadness,
  • emptiness,

as well as their opposites at the other end of the scale:

  • tranquillity,
  • clear vision,
  • bursting with enthusiasm,
  • even a sublime state of bliss.

More often than not, they are profoundly transformational.

Angie Kruger, who is our special project advisor, and ‘feet-on-the-ground’ Spirit Medium, will also contact her ‘spook’, Richard, and ask him questions that are relevant to the project.  This is sure to be a dynamic and illuminating meeting.  If you have experienced profound change in your life and would like to be part of this recorded event, or know someone who would, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me as soon as possible, as space is fairly limited.  I believe that whoever needs to be there, will be there!  Are you one of those people?