A Brief Proposal

Yesterday I emailed my proposal to participate in the Performance Transition exhibition taking place at The Exchange at the beginning of November, as part of a live archive featuring works produced in the region since 1996.   I saw this opportunity for artists to test live performance ideas in the gallery space when I picked up the new brochure and suggested the idea to Anja, who thought we should have a go.  With deadlines looming and no time to lose, the past week has been a buzz of activity, persuading friends and fellow artists to collaborate with us and join us on this journey.  The concept has been swimming around my head for ages, I just needed to articulate it enough for others to understand….and bring their own insights into the creative arena.   It is an evolving process and gets more exciting by the day.

I have an absolute fascination for the transparent and opaque qualities of light and their graphic potential.  For this project, the visual theme hinges around Shadows, and the performance will take place around a single light source coming from a suspended light bulb – the one I found on the beach last week:  “…….The polar aspects of light and darkness, (positive/negative) with their associated emotional, spiritual, symbolic and historical meanings will form the visual theme that runs through the event and represents that dynamic, in-between state of transformation before one moves from one state of being into another.”  We plan to use a length of ‘floaty’ cloth in the performance to symbolise the thin veil that often separates us from that transition.