A Light Bulb Moment

You are not going to believe it!

I found a light bulb on the beach today whilst out with the dogs, in perfect condition.  I kid you not.  What’s more, it works because when we got home, I plugged it into my desk lamp, flipped the switch and to our astonishment, it shines like new.  Now explain that one!

The thing is, Anja, David and I have just spent the morning thrashing out ideas for my new project which is all to do with light…..being the source of ‘shadows’, (a theme for a new body of work) which of course, you can’t have without the presence of light.  I am working on a proposal for ‘Performance Transition’ at the Exchange in November – more of which later, I promise!  In the meantime, I wonder if this has anything to do with the ‘key‘ I found on the beach a few months ago?

Yesterday, I found this lethal looking piece of broken green ‘gockle-of-gear’ which was just waiting to sever the legs of any unsuspecting person or dog who happened to be dashing around madly – as whippets tend to do – not us you understand who go at a more leisurely pace, enjoying watching whippets dash around.   When I gingerly picked it up to carry it to the overflowing bin, I thought of all the other things people do that really gets up my nose, such as fly-tippers; people who don’t pick up their own dog shit; queue jumpers; people who drive at .5 mph……what gets up your nose?



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2 responses to “A Light Bulb Moment

  1. Jane

    people who pick up their dog shit in a plastic bag and then hang the bag on a branch! I kid you not, it happens all the time here. At least if they left it on the ground it would decompose pretty quickly. Whereas plastic bags, apparently, take millennia to do so. Sorry, not a pleasant subject – but you did ask!

    Hope life is treating you kindly.



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