A Light Bulb Moment

You are not going to believe it!

I found a light bulb on the beach today whilst out with the dogs, in perfect condition.  I kid you not.  What’s more, it works because when we got home, I plugged it into my desk lamp, flipped the switch and to our astonishment, it shines like new.  Now explain that one!

The thing is, Anja, David and I have just spent the morning thrashing out ideas for my new project which is all to do with light…..being the source of ‘shadows’, (a theme for a new body of work) which of course, you can’t have without the presence of light.  I am working on a proposal for ‘Performance Transition’ at the Exchange in November – more of which later, I promise!  In the meantime, I wonder if this has anything to do with the ‘key‘ I found on the beach a few months ago?

Yesterday, I found this lethal looking piece of broken green ‘gockle-of-gear’ which was just waiting to sever the legs of any unsuspecting person or dog who happened to be dashing around madly – as whippets tend to do – not us you understand who go at a more leisurely pace, enjoying watching whippets dash around.   When I gingerly picked it up to carry it to the overflowing bin, I thought of all the other things people do that really gets up my nose, such as fly-tippers; people who don’t pick up their own dog shit; queue jumpers; people who drive at .5 mph……what gets up your nose?