No 10 Porthmeor Studios

With the St. Ives September Festival just about to kick off tomorrow, there’s just time for me to get a little plug in before you are bombarded with the many wonderfully creative things to see, do and enjoy, all vying for your attention – and your wallet.  Before you get completely side-tracked with all the exciting events going on (St.Ives September Festival, 2011, blogspot), why not come and take a look at what is going on at Porthmeor Studios?

And, if you feel like playing a part in the amazing transformation that is happening at the moment here, then pop in to No 10 where you will not only be able to buy a piece of artwork or pottery from a selection of artists, some of whom are resident in the studios, or pick up a book, and know that you would be making an important contribution, as a large part of the proceeds will be going towards this major renovation project.  Take a look at these photos: Porthmeor Studios Renovation Project  if you would like to see what has already been achieved.

Jane Val Baker, who has put this show together, popped into my studio and gallery during Cornwall Open Studios back in May and invited me to contribute a piece of artwork for this years’ fund-raising exhibition which of course, I was delighted to do.  Look out for ‘Rivets’, a collagraph monotype by Caro Woods!   I am indeed, in elevated company.  Other artists include:

Rose Hilton, Virginia Bounds, Richard Nott, Gareth Mcgorry, John Mitchell, Ralph Freeman, Nicola Bealing, Mike Porter, Terry Whybrow and John Emanuel, to name a few.

I went along to the opening today, a pea-souper of a drive across the moors, and there was quite a buzz of excitement to lift the gloom.  The studio looks wonderfully fresh with its newly painted walls and I am thrilled to say it still retains its paint-splashed and splattered woodwork on windowsills and floor, representing the layers of history in its many years of artistic activity.  I managed to grab Val and Chris and persuade them to do a little video piece on my iphone to include in this post.

The exhibition runs until 24th September.  Send me a comment if you can.  Would love to hear from you.  You will find more information:  The Borlase Smart John Wells Trust, who owns and manages these historic artists studios.