Gooseberries in Pernot

This year we managed to save our small crop of gooseberries before they succumbed to caterpillars and thieving whippets, and enjoyed these plump little berries all by ourselves for a change.  The whippets have now turned their attention to the ripening apples that can be easily plucked from low hanging branches, redistributed and abandoned half-chewed, around the garden.

As the redcurrants ripened at the same time as their mildly hairy neighbours, I stewed the two together to make an unctuous pink breakfast compote as topping for my muesli and yoghurt.  But my instinct tells me that the tartness of a hand-full of gooseberries, if finely-tuned, would make a good marriage with an oily fish, such as mackerel.  My Ma’ s recipe (see pic above) for 2 tablespoons of Pernot added to 1lb of gently stewed gooseberries, sugar to taste, and either fennel seeds or dill seeds, would fulfill that role perfectly.