Portrait of the Artist….

'i' paper picture, Saturday, 9th July, 2011

…as a young macaque!  Found this wonderful picture of one cheeky monkey in Indonesia.  I quote from the caption…  “Wildlife photographers can spend days getting the perfect shot.  But David Slater didn’t even have to lift a finger when a cheeky macaque stole his camera and took this self-portrait.”   The Newquay Zoo macaques (see ‘Zoo Day‘) were just as lively but less cheeky as there were no snatched camcorders that day, particularly as the one I was using doesn’t belong to me and could have been a wee bit embarrassing.  Just check out that grin…. seeing himself in the lens.



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2 responses to “Portrait of the Artist….

  1. Nick Bradford

    That is excellent! What paper was it in? Am loving the blog – thanx for sharing! Nick x


    • It was in last Saturday’s ‘i’ paper,…..excellent newspaper if you haven’t come across it, Nick. A newish daily from the ‘Independent’ stable, and at 20p a copy, affordable for everyone….. (and they don’t even have to pay me for this blatant plug). xx


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