Modus Operandi

So what is your modus operandi?  What is it that gets you out of bed in the morning?  Are you a driven individual who single-mindedly places art at the centre of your existence or is it merely a very important element of a more diversely fulfilling life?  Are you an artist who self-funds your practice, or one who is entirely supported by it?

As market forces seem to dictate these matters, I believe for most of us it is all of the above in greater or lesser degrees, and at different times.  What matters for me is finding the right focus for a practice that allows me to survive by my endeavours, whilst also meeting my emotional, spiritual, creative and financial requirements.   And that means initiating projects that will provide a funding stream that comes from a variety of sources, such as supported residencies, exhibitions, video sales, publishing and printing projects, commissions, tutored workshops etc…   What is it for you?