Spare the Rod…

It is often quoted, ‘if you do a job you love you’ll never work a day in your life’.   Being an artist, however, is not a job, it is a way of life and the decision to be a self-supporting artist in any economic climate is a brave one by any measure.   For most artists, this means an existence that fluctuates between times of feast and times of famine.  However, to be a pioneer in your chosen field takes an inordinate amount of self-belief, plenty of time to allow for professional growth, and finally, dedication to delve deeper into uncharted waters.

Creativity is like a child, it has to be nurtured and cherished.  We all have something unique to contribute to the creative pool, but not all of us are destined for greatness.   I believe there are many creatives out there who are working away in a very quiet corner achieving great things but who will never receive the recognition they probably deserve.  Indeed, not everyone wants fame and fortune…for some it can be seen as more of a hindrance than a help leading to a ‘fear of public ridicule or failure’ situation.  (See posts: Risk Assessment; Global Madness).  Just reaching your highest potential could be enough.


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