Boscawen-Ûn, Summer Solstice

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Our Summer Solstice Song

(ideally to be shared with a glass of champagne and a piece of Poppy cake with whomever happens to be around)

The Sky and the Stars above,

The Sacred Land and Other World below,

The Human and the living Spirit within.

To the East is the power of Air, Dawn, Spring;

To the South is the power of Fire, Noonday, Summer;

To the West is the power of Water, Evening, Autumn;

To the North is the power of Earth, Night, Winter.

Let the Stones be heard, let the Stones be seen,

Let the Magic rise up out of the Dream.

Let Light descend, let Love abound,

Let Energy arise up out of the ground.

We surrender ourselves to the  One Creative Mind

That Orchestrates the only True Song of the Universe.

Trust the winds of Heaven to continue to dance between us,

The Fires burn within us, and the Waters to flow through us

  And share our Sacred journey through this life together.


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