Rusty Key, Dodgey Handles

Lost and Found

What is it with keys, doors and handles that don’t work?  They are absolutely loaded with symbolism, such as portals into the soul for instance, and I’ve been presented with both recently in a rather spooky way.

There’s nothing like a blast along the beach with a strong south-westerly gale – your hair whiplashed around your face – to clear the cobwebs  This was my experience out walking the dogs on Longrock Beach last Sunday, in a brief lull after the deluge – remember the one where we had more rain fall in one day than in the entire month of May?  As my vision becomes increasingly obscured by a salty mizzle misting up my spectacles, by way of contrast my mind tends to become clearer.  And then stumbling on this rusty key by chance, half-hidden in the sand – probably abandoned by one of the flying wind surfers – it got me thinking about the ‘keys’ to life, and all the associated metaphors: unlocking your potential; the key to success, etc etc…. and I found myself asking the inevitable question: If I had to define one thing that signified the key to life, what would it be?

After just a few moments of brow-crunching thought, I came to the conclusion that there could only be one possible answer to this question.  The key to life was of course, our ‘soul’ or collective wisdom, even God if that works for you.  We would and could not exist without a soul, and is true for every living creature that ever existed.  (Perhaps mine is a bit rusty too).
Now for the handles.  None of the handles on any of our workshop doors works properly.  David’s workshop handle has degraded to the point of falling off; both the handles on my studio doors fell apart in my hand just before Open Studios; and the little wooden handle that you pull to open the pottery shed door came off when I went to show someone around.

I am a great believer in taking note of these little coincidences in life and am convinced there is a hidden message for me here.  Do we need to keep our doors open, perhaps?  Get a better ‘handle’ on the situation?  (I know we need to get new handles, for sure!)  And what about the ‘rusty’ key?  my instinct tells me there is a connection between the lost/found key and the handles.  I am pretty good at finding solutions to conundrums like this for other people, see our website:, but when it comes to my own, this one has completely eluded me….and I fear the answer is probably staring me in the face!  Can anyone intuit what all this might possibly mean?